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Over the past 30 years, I have helped more than 4000 people across a whole range of issues

Today I see more people for Stress and Anxiety than everything else put together

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Chris Tyce

I guess as you have landed on my website you are one of the millions who are increasingly affected by the stress and anxiety that has become such a part of life in today’s world.

And that now you want to do something about it.

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety can stop us doing the things we want to do, make simple things difficult, affect our relationships, limit our careers and just make everyday life a struggle.

But, however much it is affecting you right now, you don’t have to live with it.

I know from experience that you can change it, and often more quickly than you may think.

I also know that unless we do something about it, it will not change and it will usually get worse.

If you want to begin to do something about it, I can offer you:
→ a practical, experienced approach in a relaxed and confidential environment
→ a focus on getting the most out of the present rather than just dwelling on the past
→ a set of tools and techniques to take away with you to help you change each day

I also offer you a choice of Face-to-Face sessions or remotely over Skype and FaceTime.












Why not come for a Free Initial Consultation

Over 15 to 20 minutes we can explore what has been going on and how I can help you.

It is your opportunity to see if you feel I am the right person for you before you decide anything.

There is no obligation to carry on unless you want to. But I always make sure the time is there for you if you want to go straight into your first session.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing how I can help you get where you want to be.

If you want to arrange a Free Initial Consultation, or for more information:
     please ring or text me on 07738 222984
    or email me at