So how do you start?

If you really want to Resolve Your Anxiety, the first thing to find someone who you feel is right for you.

There are many different therapies and therapists out there but no single approach or person will be right for everyone or every situation.

But how do you find the person who is right for you?

The best way to begin is to find someone who will offer a free initial consultation where you have the opportunity to see if you are comfortable with them, like their approach and that you feel they are right for you.

Before you make a decision to carry on.

Here are some of the most common approaches that you will find

Counselling can provide the space and time for people to talk about what is going on and how they are feeling and then to help them manage current situations. When we take things out of our head we can so often see them differently.

CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is a practical and logical approach that is good at identifying, challenging and then altering the unhelpful thoughts and behaviour patterns that are affecting your life.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a more recent approach that essentially is based on everything that worked well in other therapies, is an elegant way of changing how we think rather than just what we think. It is because NLP is so practical that it is also the most favoured basis for any personal development training undertaken in the workplace.

Meditation, Relaxation and Hypnotherapy are more intuitive approaches that come at things from a creative, intuitive and less logical way that nevertheless can provide profound change.

Different approaches may appeal to different people.

But I believe a mix of all these approaches tailored to each client provides a powerful way to tackle anxiety from a lot of different directions and develop a faster, more long-lasting change.

If you want to set up a 20 minute free initial consultation to discuss how all this may work for you and what it involves
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If you then decide to continue with a full session we would begin not only by exploring what has been going on but also by identifying how you want things to be different in the future.

This way we can focus on how you want the future to be different and not just get stuck in dealing with the past.

It is also a good way for us to measure progress.

When we identify what has caused you to feel as you are and the thoughts, behaviours and coping strategies that have stopped you moving on, then we can develop a structured and graduated approach that will help you take control of your anxiety.

And do more of what you want.